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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gosh Darned Computer

Ain’t it furustrating when the computer does something wrong? That feller that showed me how to use this blogger thing told me when we was done that I had to be the most impenetrable student he’d ever had, adding that he’d never met anyone quite like me before. Which is why I know it weren’t nuthin’ I did. You probably know what I’m a jabberin’ about, it were that blogger post that were posted in the late morning on Wednesday instead of just afore midnight as it was supposed too. Meaning it showed up more than just a mite early, sorta like Ma’s last six young’us. Pa always said the first twelve was just fer practice to get the proper rhythm, after which they’d just be a poppin’ out like clockwork. Ma said thet she wasn’t sure bout the clockwork part but Pa sure had the rhythm part down and she was a handling the poppin’ ‘em out part.

Dag nabit, there I goes a wanderin’ again, seems like I just can't keep on subject to save myself. Now I remembers, seein’s as how the posting problem, note how I got them technical terms down just like that blogger teacher said I did, that problem was soley due to the computer malfunctioners, I need to bring anyone that reads this here thing up to date. The post you was a readin’ today were the post you was gonna read tomorrow. Meanin’ that the post you was to read today you didn’t read because it were there already today.

So now that I got all my cousins, close and distant up to date on why they was a gettin' cross eyed a readin' my posts, let me phraseology it different fer anyone not a Vayne, no matter how big a one or little of a one you are. Maybe excepting the youngest since they may not be to good at this readin’ thing yet. I’s got this blog set up to post every night at 11:00 pm so you all will have some good readin’ for you when you first get up in the morning. Only that gosh darned computer messed up. It posted one last night, the one you should of read today, and then it posted another at 11:00 am this morning, which you should a been readin’ tomorrow morning. Only this one here you’re now a readin' is a substutite for that one, meaning the post titled Homelife, which if haven't read, you should. Now I sure hoped you follered me on that one.

Follored, that was another thing I wanted to tell you bout. I guess I don’t understand what this follower thing is, which I thought I did. Let me explane it to you. Them brake lines I been a waiting on nigh on three weeks finally come in yesterday, so me and Nilda hit the road today. Guess we was so excited about finally heading north that we didn’t do as much in the way of getting all our eggs on order, which we didn’t know it when we left.
We was driven along heading nowhere in particular and getting there afore we knowed it. Nowhere that is. Seems like our map run out afore the road did, and there we was, a sitting in this narrow road which stopped ahead with one road a headin’ left and another a headin’ right. Now we rightly didn’t know which way to go, especially since both of them looked like they went nowhere and we was already there. Nilda was a gittin’ a little edgey, when I tells her to wait. Wait she says, wait for what, I.M., I’ve already been a waiting 17 minutes for you to decide which way to go.

Now if there is one thing I can’t stand it’s Nilda gettin’ upset, so to sooth her ruffled feathers I let out to her the secret of my followers. Nilda, says I, I’ve got 11 followers, or at least my blog, says so, and we just got to wait a might and they’ll be right along and one of them has got to has a map. So we set and set and set. In fact we waited most of the morning, but none of my followers ever drove up ahind us. Now I don’t know whether I got the worst bunch of followers a person could ever have or they was just a livin’ up to their names. Seems like I got some wanderin’, some a swinging on a tire, one with the name Bridget, and with a name like that I can understand why they’s lost, and then there’s the ones called RV Daydreams which they must a been a doin’ while back there and because of that, they made a wrong turn somewheres.

Now I knows there’s more of them followers out there and I was a keeping an eyeful out for them, but none of them never showed up. So if any of you readers see 11 or so RV’s alined up, but a lookin’ lost, just point them north and they’s likely to cross our path. I got to go now and see if I can get that bacteria out of my computer. I know that blog teacher feller told me my computer might catch some kind of bug, the name of which excapes me at the moment. So cross your fingers, however many you got left, and hope this here blog don’t get infected, and actually posts Wednesday nite at 11:00 it's supossed two.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog! You should hold a rally so people could pay you to hear you talk about how great and smart you are. You'd meet lots of new folks to buy you meals and give you free places to stay.

Here are a few ideas... Let your readers pitch in recipes, bind them together and sell them back to them. Hold a 50/50 raffle where you keep 100%. You might make just enough money to qualify for the earned income tax credit again this year. Why limit the freeloading to friends and family? Let ALL the taxpayers in on the action. J-O-B-S are for suckers!

Dang, I'm mean. Truthful, but mean. You should see the stuff I deleted. :) :) :)