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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The 001 Series Fer Them That Don’t Know Nothin’

Theres been several different fellers that’s told me, "I.M., you is so knowingable bout this mobile, mobile home life that you ought to be teachin’ a class on it at these here campgrounds where you is a stayin’ at". I did mention it to one campground owner feller, and when he got done a laffin’ he said that, with what he knowed about me, I’d do a lot better down at the Friday night armatur night at the Laff a Minute club than afore a campground audience.

I thought about what he said fer a while, but ya know, that there electrical end of these mobile, mobile homes ain’t something I’m much up on. I knows them wires and switches pretty good, but when it comes to coils, armaturs, motors and such, I’m mostly lost. Asides, I knows so much about most every other mobile, mobile home thing, theirs no way I could say it all in just a minute or so like they want at that club place.

But then I just naturally stumbled acrost an outlet for all this knowledge thats a burstin to be loosed on a audience just hunguran for words of widsdom like I got. Problem is when they go a lookin’ on this Internet thing, they keeep a runnin’ into all them 101’s. RV 101, Fulltiming 101, RV’ing 101, why theres more 101’s on the Internet than some states got signs fer that road. Problem is, them 101 courses and such is way over the head of most folks just a starting out in the mobile, mobile home life. Which is why I’m startin’ a new serous of infomative posts aimed specially for them folks, the ones with empty brains, just a beginning the long trek down the fulltime trail. I’m a naming it "The 001 Series Fer Them That Don’t Know Nothin’.

Rememberin' what my cousin, Billy Bob, the one that is in the marketing business, had learned me about marketing, I knowed it would be best to shorten my title too “001 SFTTDKN” fer short, which is a lot catchier and easier to remember that it's regular name, which is why they use them acronimglyphics in the first place. I played around with them numbers and letters fer a while, when I come up with one that was short on size, but long on action.

I showed it to Nilda and she laughs and says, she’ll answer me with of her own acronimglyphics. IMURASTDKN. Mine had said IMASTDKN, and her answer was a puzzlin’ me, and even more so when she suggests we should maybe do some more research for my literatary writin’. Just what the one had to do with the other, I never knowed.

Sorry I got oft track their but them females can do that to man when he’s leastaways unexpectationing it. I also decisioned that two much of that anachronisim thing was gonna cause me more problems than it solved, so I’m just a gonna call it “Mobile, Mobile Home Life, The Hole Story.” With the subtitle, “I.M. fillin’ yer mind with all he knows.”

I were so excited to come up with what might be the greatest infomative websight to ever capture the minds of the mobile, moblie home community, that I rush off to call cousin Billy Bob, the family marketing jeaneus. He were busy, but as soon as he could take a brake from his marketing job at his Grandpap's roadside toothpaste and toilet brush stand, where he hides and makes sure them city feller tourists put money in the jar when they take something, he called me back.

He were just as excited as I were, I goin’ on about how I even give him an idea fer a new slogan fer there stand, “Take care of both ends with one stop.” Maybe I is a wasting my time on this blogger thing and oughta be a writtin’ advertisin’ copy like them beauty palor ladies was a suggestin’. But fer now I’ll just stick to what I knows best, so start a looking for a serous of infomative articles on the mobile, mobile home life and how to live it the write way, comin' soon on this here blog.


Cruzin2some said...

I.M. fillin’ yer mind with all he knows! That will cost a small fortune, I'm sure.

What if your mind is already full?

Give our reguards to Nilda

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Anonymous said...

Now this here is something we can use! Practical RV info. from the utmost authoritivity. (Glad you're back from your short foray into mobile Jeffersonianism.)

I.B. Travlin