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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lem's Campground Report

Sent visa emale by Lemeul Erasmus Vayne

Wezals arived et this hear campersgund place lat at nite. It wer a rite nice place, what with actural in type out hous’s and lots of happi folks al round.

As y’all can see by the fourgoin’, cousin Lem ain’t got commandment of the english langwedge the way I do, so rather than subtrafuge you to Lem’s deciferable writin’s. I.M. goin’ to have to reword it a might. I know Lem won’t mind since he can’t reed worth a lick in the first place, and any beneficials will be fer my reeders. Nilda has also said she would help me undecifer the most deciferable parts of Lems emales, so as too allow my reeders to get a feel fer the real flavor of Lems observatory’s. Since he weren’t plannin’ on sendin’ me any food, I.M. not sure as to what flavors Nilda were a referencing too, but if it are understandable too you, then it are okay two me to.

After a long day of travel, we arrived at a lovely campground in the late evening. The glow of the setting sun and the sound of the insects were in the air as we checked in at the office. Not only was the office staff pleasant, the campers we met on the way to our site were smiling and waving to us as we passed by. The children, needing to use the restrooms after the long drive, marveled at the indoor setting and modern sanitary conditions. We are looking forward to a relaxing and restful vacation.

That were Nilda’s transposition of what Lem wrote, and after reedin’ it, I can’t fer the life of me see what she said were what he said, and versa visa. From now on I.M. takin’ suggestionings from Nilda, but I.M. gonna be doin’ the tonsilationing of Lems emales fer you.

The next mornin’ we gits up, lookin’ forward to havin’ the best vacation we’s had in years. This camperground, which the folks hear abouts referfence too as a RV Park, has got lotsa mobile, mobile homes put out in little spaces all lined up like domminos side by side. They’s also gots all kinds of wires and tubes a runnin’ to them, and if we knew better, which we don't, we’d think they was on life support like all them folks on that Grays Anatomical TV show is.

Another thing we notated was just how friendly many of them folks was. We’d be a sittin’ out in front of the cabin, the kids havin a good time tryin’ to level the playground area or splash all the water out of the them pools they got. They had a couple of pools, one of which the young’uns weren’t a supposed to be around as it were explaned to us, but since ya had to be able to reed to know which were which, and that weren’t my little darlin’s strong point, they just enjoyed the both of them all buy there lonesomes.

As we was a sittin’ their, another of the mobile, mobile homes would come drivin’ in, then the fun would often begin. It seemed like half them folks don’t even know which side of the sterrin’ wheel to grab when yer a backin’ one of the things up. Down on the mountain we learned how to drive and menauver anything with wheels afore we could reed and right. These folks might be able to reed and wright, but they didn’t have a clue when it come to menmovering them RV’s, as they were a referencing there mobile, mobile homes.

I.M., I will emale you tomorrow with what I seed goin’ on later in the day when all of this bunch of folks got into something akin to one of them lovein’s they usta have back when them hippity folks were furst popular in the 1960’s. And a lookin’ at more than a few of them folks here, that hippity part of them has expanded to the point that gittin’ through a door could be a chore.

Yer cousin, Lem, (and his horde as the wife’s Grandpap likes to refer to our bunch of young’uns).

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Cruzin2some said...

Sounds like Lem and family are having a great time. I think I've stay at the same campground with them a time or two.

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