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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Now that we’s got the Great Bird Blog incidental out of the way, and things is back to normal, I will take up where I left off. Well, maybe before I do I should backtrack just a might for them that weren’t part of all that brewlala. You’d a thought that from some of the communists that folks posted in the communists section under that second Bird blog post, that birds were fer a lookin’ at, rather than fer bein’ ate.

There’s bird dogs alrighty, but a bird watchin’ dog, who ever herd of such a thing. I’ll show ya good bird dog with a big old fat duck a hangin’ out of its mouth, but I bet you ain’t never see'd a bird watchin’ dog, one of them fluffy prudles, all decked out with a hat and sunglasses and with a pare of byknockulors a hangin’ around it’s neck. Not a gonna happen, mostly cause their ain’t no such thing.

All of this is a causin’ me to once again brake knew ground in the fulltime RV mobile, mobile home bloggin’ world. While many of the bloggers and all of those, "I’ll help ya become a fulltimer" webslights is after yer money so they’s can fulltime, (even if you can’t) me and Nilda believes in travelin’ our own rocky roades of life. Them other webslights is into the, lets all get along and be just one big happy family contraceptive. Course they’s that's a leadin' it is likey as not to be the happyest of the bunch, namely on account of it bein’ their good fortune of a havin’ there followers fortunes fund their own fortunates way of livin’.

Cause of that, needin' to make money, you ain’t a gonna be presented with nothin’ but the high glossy varnished facts, buffed to a high shine at them places. Fancy jobs, a palacial mobile, mobile home, drop out of one life and into the other and they’s a gonna tell ya how to live the lifestye of the fulltimer. Now ya is a seein’ why this here post is a titled, Editertorial, it ain’t something you ain’t never gonna see on most of them sights that is supposed to be a helpin’ ya fullfill yer RV mobile, mobile home wants and yer about to be new lifstye, dreams.

Nilda were the one that told me about this here editertorail contraceptive where I can rite opinionated peaces to educate the untellectual, hybirdize the purists and help eradikate any of them painful to read webslights that’s still a croppin’ up now and then, out their. With that well tucked somewheres in my massive mucus filled mind, I will upon occasionally be bringing you up to date on the things goin’ on in the mobile, mobile home world instead of just a boarding you to death every day with the stories of me and Nilda’s daily doin’s.
Howsoever, along with the editertorializer, there is, accordin’ to Nilda, a Opt-editiertorializer, which I.M. is also supposed to be, leastaways accordion to Nilda.

Nilda says it is a pro and con thing, but since I don’t follow professional sports, neither them that’s in it nor them's that usta be in it, I ain’t much up on the current batch of pros and cons, so I’ll just have two encoach upon that subject in a different way.  Another thing Nilda mentioned were a doing a litaturary criticals of some of my followers blogs.

I.M. thinking I’ll just let that one rest in the mush of my brain fer a while, purculationing and regurgitatin’ till we see what might come out of it. I just wish I had time to tell you about all the things we see a goin’ on around us as we live this here RV mobile, mobile home lifestye. Folks is always a thinkin’ bout how much greener the grass is on the other side of the manure pile. They just forgets that someone had to shovel a bunch of manure to make it look green. All of which would make a good editertorial in and of itsownself.


Cruzin2some said...

Sounds like you might be pretty knowledgable about them manure piles. Cause it sure sounds like someone is a piling it up sky high!

Our best to Nilda

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise

Merikay said...

I find reading regular folk's blogs not all that glossy. They seem to tell the hard truth about breakdowns and breakfasts.