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Friday, April 8, 2011

Cousin Lem and How He Got into Camping

I.M. got an emale from my distant cousin, Lemeul Erasmus, about the gosh darndest thing he run into last week, which I doo believe y'all might find ingenuitive of how some folks live this here full time mobile, mobile, home lifestye. Seems he was a callin' to confirmation the rezervations fer his family's annual, spring break fling and renewed lifestye holiday, when he up and discovered their had been a mixup. Seems that Lem had made them rezervations when him and the family left this same palace last year, only to discover that the hotel clerk had writ his name down wrong, a meaning that their were rezervations made fer this year, but they weren't his.

I guess it took a while to discover all this, but once them folks at that place, which Lem and his family had stayed at several times in the past, got the name right, they sure did remember him as well as Clara Belle and the kids, makin' Lem feel right sorry about the way them kids of his had just about tored the hole place apart while havin' their scavenger hunt the night afore they left last year. Then the hotel feller told Lem the bad news, that the place had become infested with some kind of killer spider, such that the authoritories wanted the whole place quartertined fer a couple weeks, and because of that they didn't have no rooms fer Lem and his family this year.

That made a big problem fer old Lem, since findin' another place fer him, Clara Belle and their herd of youngun's weren't gonna be easy at this last minute. Since it were really the place they was a stayin' at's fault, Clara Belle commenced to git on the phone to them, and one'st she got a done bellowerin' and a snortin', them spider hotel folks were out a scourin' the countryside fer a place where all of Lem's bunch could stay.

When they call'd back, all's they could find, this bein' one of the busiest times of the year in that area, were a campground that had a bunch of folks cancellin' their reservations on account of some big thing a gonin' on in the area that these other folks didn't want to be no part of. Guess they still had a few cabins available, along with three tent sites, and with Lem and Clara Belle being so interested in how me and Nilda live, they took them, hopin' there were enuf room fer the hole family to enjoy a camping vactation which they had never had.

This place were over the south border of Kentucky, but since that spider place was a payin' fer Lem and his families stay on the condition they vacationed in some other place in the comin' years, Clara Belle said it were in there best interests besides savin' them a ton of money, so they agreed even though they likes to spend there vacination money within the Commonerwealth of Kentucky. Lem said there it were after dark when they got there, so he weren't exactually sure what the name of the place were called, but he thought it were the Giver Pine Nation or somethin' close to that, and after what he saw a goin' on there, over the next few days, it were that and more.

Now Cousin Lem weren't exactly the stickiest section of flypaper on the roll, but he had the Eggrets eye when it come to observing goin's on's and all. With that in mind, I paprose to make his mixed up emale scribblin's more illegible fer ya so ya can understand them better. I.M. thinkin' it will give all my realatives a readin' this blog a look at this full time life from the eyes of one that can't read or rite a lick, nor can he think much better than he can't reed or wright. An to them cousin's a wonderin' if this is "old mealmooch" Lemeul, yes it is, so if'n there's any freebies to be had at this campground, I experts heel be lettin' us know over the next few days. So fer the week or so I.M. will be postin' what Lem sends to me. Sides it will give me a brake from havin' to writ myownselfs posts each day, what with my TIP IN box bein' so empty and all.

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Merikay said...

Puttin on a rally is a lot of work!

Hope Lemeul and wife don't get cabin feaver.