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Monday, April 4, 2011

My Cousins, Mr. Mick and Ms. Mary

What with their bein' some degree of curiosity about my family and all, I were a thinkin' I.M. should write about some of the imported relatives I.M. has got. Knowin' there ain't no way to right about all of them, I picked out a few and over the next couple of weeks will try to lowlight the lives of some of them. Since Mick really sticks out, I.M. a commencin' with him.

When this cousin, Mick, of mine were born it weren't knowed if he were gonna turnout an angel or somewhat different, so his Pa come up with the moniker of Michael Angelicus Dionysus figuring he'd have that boy a covered whichsoever way that young'un turned out.

Then somewheres along the line, Michael Angelicus Dionysus got changed into Mick. No one seems too remember exactly how Mick come to be called Mick, and fer all I knows it could be because when he were a little sprout he bored a resembellence to Mickey Mouse, especially the way his ears stuck out. At the last reunion I herd Uncle Wilbur askin' Mick what circumferance he were, so you can see that his ears ain't no longer his most outstanding charteristical.

From the beginnin' Mick were a real hard worker, and afore he were knee high, he were standin' an the downtown corner of the Gulch a passin' out the local newspaper, The Gulch Monthly Guardian and Free Press. By the use of hisownselfs  injaknewity, it weren't long before he were a major clog in the operation of that paper. As to what he did, nobody knew, but he soon had his name on the mastiff of that rumor rag as it were commonly referred too.

Problem being that with it only comin’ out on a monthly basis and being free to boot, it didn't take all that long afore Mick were an ex-newspaper man which sort of made him a four runner of what is now happenin' in the newspaper world. Course when ya look at the high qualities of journyism being produced by blogs such as mine today, it ain't no wonder them newspapers is in trouble.

Mick were able to take what he had learned in the newspaper business and use it to his own  advantagous, as he were able to git a job helpin' Elmer the plumber, takin' over the outhouse pumpin' end of the business, something that he were able to dovetail into the fulltime life once he and Ms. Mary took off on they're adventure of there own after seein' how well it worked out fer Nilda and me.

It took a while, but it weren't long afore Mick had Ms. Mary all a trained up in the outhouse pumpin' business and they were a doin' the work campin' thing with Mick a handlin' the campin' end and Ms. Mary the workin' end. I knows yer a wonderin' how that could some about, so maybe I.M. should fill you in a little on things. In the first place, little ain't exactly the way to describe Mick, him bein' from the side of the family that seemed to favor the bulky branch of the Vayne line. At leastaways that were the way Grandpap were always a puttin' it whensoever we would have one of them regular family reunions.

They'er was always a couple of tables that had a double layer of plankin' on the seats, and it didn't take long afore we all knowed them was where that size of the family sat, though spreadout probably were probably a better description of all of them a sittin' there, cheek to cheek, both top and bottom, than a sayin' they "sat". It were my first instantaneous of hearin the word butterball used, and to this day, I still ain't got it exactly figured out, but that were what them on that side of the family were referenced as. I guess it had somethin' to do with a butter fixation as they did slather it on everything.

That brings ya up two near the present, and why I.M. tellin' ya all this is 'acause Mick, while he give up the newspaperin' business fer good, has still got his hand into writin' at times. Fer some reason he has takin' a shine to me and Nilda, and has been a sendin' me reports of what he and Ms. Mary is up two and the things they sees along the rodes of life. And what with him and Ms. Mary spendin' most of there time out in the farther west and all, it might give ya a different perspiration on things. Some of what he wrights makes fer write good reedin, not as good as what I right, but it are something I might be a postin' on accasional, after I makes it more readable, of course, him not being the grate righter I.M.are.


Cruzin2some said...

We must be related! You just described my family at the reunion.

Travel Safe and tell Nilda Howdy for us.
Dawn and Denise

Gaelyn said...

I have a brother like that.