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"Always follow own life plan, otherwise GPS lead you to dead end!"
--The Great Kiva

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

RV-Dreamers Glossery, T-W

There sure is a whole bunch of that terminography stuff that newlies need to know, and my research has really been an educating experience, though Nilda was reminding me the other night that I shouldn't forget about my literature writin’ research, what with her being so involved in at and all, at least in the tryin’ out new ideas end of it. Guess you could say all this researching and experiementin’s got me plum tuckered out a mite.

That’s why this is gonna be the last of my glossery posts for a while, besides, writin’ all this has a givin’ me a whole bunch of ideas on other subjects pretraining to the mobile, mobile life that I can write on around my usual writin’ on our day to day livin’ and what I read in them other peoples blogs, that is.

Wished I had some kind of paper to give all them newlies that’s got this far as I knows that remembering all this readin’ matter is tuff to do. And for those that wanted me to put together a book of mobile, mobile terms, ain’t gonna happen, but Nilda did suggest I publish them all together on a page on my blog, sorta like the FAQ thing I did when I was first starting, so with some luck, you may be seeing something like that afore long.

Toad Or Dinghy
It's supposed to mean that thing your a pullin' behind your mobile, mobile home, usually some kind of geep that's supossed to allow them fellers to drive out in the middle of nowheres to enjoy the joys of nature in places that there's more of them geeps than mice at a spillt bag of seed. I don't rightly know where them two names, toad and dinghy, come from, but the way some folks hightail it down the road you'd a think that toad was a hoppin' after them instead of them a pullin' it, so maybe that's it. Course all this don't mean squat when were a talkin' bout them Motor Coach people cause they is usually pulling a geerage on wheels ahind them with more vehicles in it than a car show's got.

This is a regional term that is not often used in the far west, but is highly likely to be seen in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. Its also much more to be seen at them little backroads camp places that me and Nilda favor but you don't often see tourists at, cuz just the locals know about them and camp there. Some of them underbellys gets so big you wonder what all they is a coverin' up. That's why we like camps that's got a swimming hole, cause when them old boys come a waddlin' down to the water, they's often got so much underbelly a hanging down it looks like they don't got no swimmin' trunks on themselves when we’re a looking' at 'em towards the front. Course you ain't never lived till you've see a woman in one of them bikini things with a huge underbelly. Now top to bottom that a site you’ll nigh on likely never forget.

This is one of them things folks who live up in the far frigid north near the Arctic circle in places like Michigun has to do every fall. Seems like they just dump everything out, then turn around and fill everything back up. Like they replace the clear water in the drinkin' tank with some pink stuff that no one would ever want to drink, which by my way of thinkin' is exactly why them Detroit motor car companies all got in so much trouble. Now if them motor zecutives had a been drinkin' some good home distilled spirits instead of that pink stuff they'd all a stayed bright eyed and bushy tailed instead of sleeping at the switch when all them cars started a coming over acrost the ocean. Seems to me like the mobile, mobile home industry was a forecasting them Detroit car companies demise with that pink stuff they was a using, long afore the people in Detroit and Warshingtun that's supposed to know about that kind of thing ever caught on. Guess you should never pay no never mind to anyone from Michigun that drinks pink stuff, especially all my cousins that went up there to work in them auto plants and is now a jealous of me and Nilda’s a livin' the good life cause I staid home and made something of myownself. Guess the real key to winterizing is to be right smart like me and live where it's warm in the winter so you don't have to winterize.

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Levonne said...

Hi I.M. and Nilda, I like your glossary of on-the-road terms. What's up in your part of the world (where it's warm) this week?