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Friday, April 15, 2011

And It Gets More Interesting

This get together that Lem were at and his dispatches from the front has I.M. a sittin’ on the edge of his seat so to speak. I.M. learnin’ so much from Lem attending this shindig that I.M. sure that me and Nilda’s life is going to be better for mealmooch havin’ done what he did.

But it ain’t I.M. y’all are a wantin’ to be hearin’ from, it are Mealmooch II, as Lem took to callin’ hisownself after a learnin’ at the hand of the master. It had been suggestered that Mealmooch write a book bout moochin’ meals, and I.M. thinkin’ I.M. just might have to pass that there iidea on to Lem, makin’ mineownself the ghost writer of that book of course. At the very least Lem and I.M. could collaboration on the definitive method of mealmooch livin’ as learned at the hand of the master for a separate post in this here blog.

There I.M. goes again, a getting’ off the subject at hand which were Lem’s latest dispatch where in he continued reporting’ on the goinn’s on at that there camperground. Later that night there was a big meetin’ type of meetin’ where the folks that don’t known much, but say they do so the ones who know even less think they know somethin’ were introductioned to everbodyone else as experts in what they didn’t know, or at least knew more than the ones that didn’t know nothin’.

All this were  lead by that non-preacher, preacher type feller, and accordin’ to Lem, if it weren’t the next best thing to to one of them up on the Gulch revivals, it were the best thing. That feller was a leadin’ that crowd through its paces, a talkin’ about how they was a gonna first be doin’ some kind of ice breaker thing, which most certainly confusioned Lem as much as he were ever confusioned in his own life. First off this place were far from the Arctic and second there surely weren’t no ice on the water, but if that feller were a day dreamin’ bout icebreakers, Lem weren’t a gonna disturb his train of thought, even it were about as far derailed as any train of thought gets.

Once that feller got warmed up the folks a listenin’ to him took  the chant up. He’d shout out something like, Alrighty then, we are going be talkin’ emotions and them folks would holler back, Alrighty then. Next he would be a calling out Alrighty then, Packin’ fer fulltimers, and them folks would shout back, Alrighty then. Lem said this went on fer a hole lot of different subjects which he will be talkin’ about in future dispatches.
When that get together finally did break up Lem, exhausted as he were from all the stuffin’ of food in his mouth and pockets, plus them exhortations and actions of the big confab, he asmost walked right by what were one of the gol darndest things Lem ever did see.

Settin’ out there was this big old box with the words, Chip In Box, written on it. Now Lem were more than aware that that there macaroni  and cheese were overcooked to the point of a nail, but this did beat all. Lem decided that most of them folks being pilgrims and not hardened to the ways of  civilization and had suffered from broken and chipped crowns when they was a chewin’ on that crusty casserole.  He figured they had been advised to toss there chipped teeth into that box and that maybe they got a dentist a comin’ later to reattach all them tooth chips them folks lost. You can bet that only a feller as smart as Lem could figure something like that out.

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