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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

RV Campground Cooking

Lem was about as stealthie as them bulls in a china shop are said to bee, but on acount of that masterfull desguise them young’uns created fer him, he were able to blend right in. With a little bit of snoopin’ he discovered that there were a free meal a comin’ up in a bit, which he understood were too be some kind of American Cooked Buffalo. Him never havin’ no buffalo afore, he were reelly lookin’ forward too it, along with the fact he were a gonna get to live up to his nickname of Mealmooch.

Not everybodies got the lack of tact and diplomaticy that Lem has got, but by usin’ every bit he had, he was a soon hobnobbin’ with them escaped folks like he were one of them. That were when he got his first, but not last serprise of the week. Them folks weren’t what he were a thinkin’ they were, leastaways, all but a few. They wasn't escaped folks a lookin’ fer freedom, they was just wright regular folks that had a come together fer some big confabulation to learn bout the mobile, mobile home lifestye.

Seems like there was a communal love fest a flowin’ through the hole camperground that had somethin’ to do with makin’ RV dreams come true. Lem was a sayin’ it weren’t nothin’ like them RV dreams that had a been a plaguing me and fer which that book I.M. read were a big help. These RV dreams was the kind of dreams that ends up taken ya out on the road to wanderin’ homeless up and down the rodes of are grate nation, either lost, broken down, or about to be broken down.

Lem said they was so nice he were a feelin’ like joinin’ them. Then he noted that most of them folks was a gittin’ up in years, and with the exceptioning of his and Clara Belle’s horde, their wasn’t not many young’uns to be scene. He were a showin’ his ignorrence left and write, since didn’t know much about the mobile, mobile home, though her were one of the worlds foremost xperts on the immobile, mobile home life. That were when he looked upon the menu fer the free meal he were about to mooch.

Imagination his serprize when he found out just what that American Cooked Buffalo meal reely were. As I.M. has said, Lem weren’t no grate shakes when it come to reedin’, in fact he weren’t even any lesser shakes, but he knowed enuff to know that buffalo weren’t not nowhere on the menu. A studyin’ it, he come to the realizin’ that it were some what familiar food and it were realy All American Cookin’.

It were at that pointer that Lem reelized the meal he were a gonna be a moochin’ were like readin’ from the whats what of great food.

Velveeta chunks
Teener weeners boiled in catsup
Pimentoe cheese filled celery stix
Rits crackers and cheezeWiz spred

Tuna noodle casserole crusted with tater chips
Hamburger helpless macaronie cassarole
Craft maceronie and cheese caserrole
Pigs in a blanket

Fat back boiled green beans
Boiled okra and pearl onions

Finger jello
Popcorn balls
Fruit cocktale
Custard cups

By this time Mealmooch were so excitable that it were causin’ a little scene around the menu what with him a whoopin’ and a hollerin’ that he hisownself were gonna eat like a king tonight and that Clara Belle and the young’uns could fiend fer they theysownselfs. It were just after he let loosen with that last one that he feels a tappin’ goin’ on at his shoulder and he turns around to be a facin’ a feller that looked just like one of them their TV preacher fellers, expetioning that instead of his hair a all poofed up liken one of them poodles, his were shorter than what are on a short haired possum pointer.

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Never heard of finger jello.