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Thursday, April 14, 2011

How the RV Revival Began

Maybe I.M. should try to straighten out a few things afore I.M. posts Lem’s next dispatch from the front. First off, what this thing Lem, Clara Belle and their horde are attending is more than a little confusioning. Lem has referenced it as a revally, which even with my limitations as to knowing big words, don’t match up with nothing I.M. could understand. Howsoever what with the description of that feller that were in charge, it come to I.M. that what Lem were a tryin’ to say were revival, like them travelin’ preacher fellers would have up on the Gulch every spring and fall.

The next thing were that food they had at that get together American meal. I.M. asked Lem bout them jello fingers to get that part clarificated, and Lem said they had that jello in red, green, orange and black, and that last color he took as the result of them mixing all the first three leftover jello colors together. Lem said he tried to take some of the them back to his horde, them young’uns of his likin' to pick up them jello sticks and wiggle them at the younges tryin’ to scare them afore poppin' 'em in their mouths. Problem was they melted in his pocket makin’ quite a mess, though he did see Clara Belle a lickin’ out his pocket after he took his shirt off afore they went to bed that night, her lovin’ jello so much and all.

And now back to our reporter in the field. As Lem tells it, after that dinner where he lived up to his name, mealmooch, he was a circulationing around them folks when he started hearin’ more tales bout this feller that were the king of all mealmoochers. Seems like this feller had perfectioned the ability to mooch meals to the heights that were never attained by mere mortal men or women anywhere before ever, ever, including mealmooch. Now mealmooch reports that instead of being jealous, he were more interested in learnin’ some new techniques if he could, the better to mooch meals fer him, Clara Belle and their brood.

Based on this intelligence, to which mealmooch applied a generous dosage of his own intelligence, or at least howsoever much Lem could summons up, he soon discovered the mealmoocher to beat all mealmoochers was a playin’ poker with the boys were that feller he had already met. Lem playin' the part of the incognito mealmooch, becomes an onlooker feller like a number of them folks standin’ around, and proceeds to do some listenin’ to the conversationing goin’ on.

It weren’t long afore a seat opened up in the game and Lem set down to pick up some pocket change, but more important to learn this mealmoochin’ at the foot of the master. By the time the game were over Lem had his self enough money to get something fer Clara Belle, her having to watch the horde and all, plus enough pointers to keep them in meals for the foreseeable future and beyond.

As he learned the key were to find somebody that were new to this here RV mobile, mobile home way of livin’ in the camperground and strike up a conversationing, mentionin’ in passing that you were some kind of expert in this type of livin’. Then just let one thing lead to another and afore ya knowed it, they would be inviting ya to share a meal with them. Based on that alone, Lem figured he, Clara Belle and the horde could afford to take up the full time RV lifestye. Then he learned that there was goin’ to be all kinds of seminaries in the next days on how to best live the mobile, mobile home life, which he knowed he would be attendin’.

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Cruzin2some said...

I was a wondering if ole Lem was about to write a book on mealmoochin. That might be something worth investing in.

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