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Monday, April 11, 2011

Campground Life

Dispatched from the front by yer cousin, Lemuel Erasmus

I.M. a thinking that dispatch thing were old mealmooch’s way of infectionin’ some humor into his emales. Either that or he is even further off to the right side of the starboard end of a boat than even I.M. were a thinkin’ old Lem are. But I should just be a reportering what that latest emale had in it, rather than be a trying to pier into an unpeelable mind like his.
As the afternoon ward on, more and more of them mobile, mobile homes kept a peerin’ and even them cabins around them were a bein’ occupationed by folks. Some of which were just downright weird, like that one lady that were a decorating her cabin with them pictures of snow and cats which she were a sayin’ would reminder herownself of her Hairy’s new Jersey home, whatsoever that were. What Lem had thought were gonna be a nice quiet vacation were a lookin’ more and more like the middle of one of them big city’s by the moment.

Lem weren’t sure weather to gather in his horde and lit outta there, or to just hunker down and sorta ride out the storm. It were then he membered that this here were the campground that had a bunch of folks cancellin' their reservations on account of “some big thing” a goin' on in the area that them other folks didn't want to be no part of, and by now Lem were a thinkin’ he were a lookin’ at what that “some big thing” were. With the wife a remindering Lem that there stay were free, he choiced to batter down the sails and ride it out.

As Lem and Clara Belle was a sittin’ their in there rockers, they begun to see the strangest things a taken place. Them folks they’d see’d pourin’ into the camperground must of all been escapees from some kind of institution or something like that. They begin a lining up and a getting’ some kind of identefier tag hung around they’re neck. Next they was a lookin’ at each others tag and then it were like a real lovein, what with the huggin’ and other things along that line that were a goin’ on. Clara Belle were so glad the young’uns was all down at the pool, a gettin’ chased around by the comperground mangers fer a fillin' it with fish, as this weren’t somethin’ she wanted them exposured too at they’re young and tender ages.

All these unuseful goin’s on’s was a worryin’ Lem cause as impressivable as his and Clara Belle’s brood was they could possible be damaged fer the reminder of they’re lives should the happenin’s here happen to get worster than they was at the momentary. Puttin’ on his spyin’ profile, Lem called his young’uns back and propositioned that each of them chip in a little of thereownselfs outstandin’ abilities and help there Pappy make like Maxwell Smart. (Now I.M. has gots to add here that if their ever was somethin’ that were impposible too do, makin’ old Lem out to be smart were it, but that are what he wanted to do). :)

Fer a flock of young’uns that were supossedly nieve and unversed in the ways of the world, it didn’t take them but a might to have old Lem all decorationed out so that not a one of them escapped type folks could tell that Lem weren’t one of they themownselves. Dressed out in them colorful clothes, with skin whiter lookin’ than then new Jersies snows, and a wearing that taggy thing around his neck like a feller on the gallows, he were more like them than they themownselves was like themsownselves, and with that in mind he moved out amungst them to learn what this gatherin' were all about. :)

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Merikay said...

I know who you are! Figured it out a few weeks back.

Rally On. Wish I were there to get a name tag too1